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Daniela Ramos Arias, N
Country of origin: Costa Rica Resides: Berge...
Sasha Huber, SF
Born 1975 Country of origin: Switzerland Resi...
Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK
Born 1955 Country of origin: Israel Resides...
Maher Khatib, DK
Country of origin: Lebanon Resides: Ringsted...
Hong Fei, N
Født i Beijing i 1962. Utdannet ved Kunsth...
Frédéric Iriarte, S
Born 1963 Country of origin: France Resid...
Harvey Cropper, S (featured in documentary)
Country of origin: USA Profession: Full-time artist Medium of...
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New Nordic Art




The first New Nordic Art exhibitions were successfully launched in 2010 at Voksenåsen Gallery in Oslo and at Berns Salonger in Stockholm. These exhibitions featured a diverse range recognized art from multicultural artists that live in the Nordic region.

The artists selected reside in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Their country of origin includes Costa Rica, China, Israel, France, Palestine, Haiti/Switzerland, USA, UK, Lebanon, and Japan. The exhibitions were complemented by high quality catalogs that told the story of the artists.


New Nordic Art is aiming to become a biannual art exhibition in the Nordic region.

Designed and implemented by the Leadership Foundation, the exhibition will feature the work of individuals who have moved to the Nordic region from other countries. Through their paintings, photographs and sculptures, it will present a new and emerging Nordic identity.


To be an actor in the multicultural debate, through creating an art grant program and exhibition, which will tour the Nordic countries.

The aim of New Nordic Art is to promote the artist’s work to a large, prominent public and to contribute to an increased understanding and awareness of the different cultural perspectives within the artistic world. New Nordic Art will also commission a piece of art that will reflect the multicultural reality in the Nordic region through the eyes of the artist.

The theme for the New Nordic Art exhibition 2013:

New Nordic Art has this year chosen to focus on the photography and video art genre. Our wish is to focus on one art genre each exhibiting year. For the New Nordic Art exhibition in 2013, 3 multicultural artists will be selected, and will receive a grant. One of the artists will also be asked to commission a piece of art. The artists will be showcased in an exhibition that will be featured in prominent venues in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

The multicultural reality & Outreach strategy
  • Illustrate and visualize multiculturalism in the Nordic region through different artistic genres
  • Foster understanding through exhibition and dialogue
  • Inspire participation through outreach programs to the “new Nordic” community
  • Promote the “new Nordic” individuals through their unique contributions


In our context we use the term multicultural as a noun to describe the multiple cultures of the artists. Our focus in New Nordic Art is to highlight artists that have immigrated to the Nordic region.

There is a need to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of the contribution of multicultural artists to a new Nordic identity.


A key focus in New Nordic Art will be outreach to the “new Nordic” community in each exhibiting country. By outreach we mean our effort to increase the availability of the exhibit to the “new Nordic” community. This will bring new audience to the exhibiting location and create an arena for interaction. Outreach will be implemented in partnership with immigrant groups and organizations in each Nordic country.

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Daniela Ramos Arias, N

Daniela Ramos Arias, N

  • Country of origin: Costa Rica
  • Resides: Bergen, Norway
  • Medium of work: Photography, Video, Installation
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Sasha Huber, SF

Sasha Huber, SF

  • Born 1975
  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Resides: Helsinki
  • Medium of work: Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, mixed media, video

Sasha Huber was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1975, and currently lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her background is in graphic design, which she studied in Zurich. In 2000 she received a scholarship to Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre in Treviso, Italy. In 2006 she graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki with an MA in Visual Cultures.


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Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK

Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK

  • Born 1955
  • Country of origin: Israel
  • Resides: Bryrup, Denmark 
  • Medium of work: Painting, Graphic art
  • Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel 1981.
  • Since 1981 I have worked with painting and graphic art in various countries

Nurith Lumer-Klabbers was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1955. She lives and works in Denmark since 1983.

Nurith is educated from “Bezalel” Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel in 1981. Since than she was taking different courses in School for Graphic Arts,  Aarhus, Denmark, and Classical Drawing, Viborg School for Animation, Denmark


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Maher Khatib, DK

Maher Khatib, DK

  • Country of origin: Lebanon
  • Resides: Ringsted, Denmark
  • Medium of work: Photography

43 år, oprindelig fra Libanon (statsløs palæstinenser) kom til Danmark i 1985 som flygtning. Har arbejdet i mange år med integration, flygtninge og kultur. Er desuden uddannet tolk og oversætter. Har altid tegnet og malet og det bragte ham til det næste skridt - at arbejde med computer som kunstnerisk redskab. Her begyndte han at male og tegne på computer. Så gik han videre og begyndte at arbejde med grafisk design og medier og endt med at undervise i en grafiskskole.

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Hong Fei, N

Hong Fei, N

  • Født i Beijing i 1962.
  • Utdannet ved Kunsthåndverkhøyskolen og Det sentrale kunsthåndverkakademi i Beijing.
  • Underviste i billedhoggerkunst ved Kunsthåndverkskolen i Beijing.

Har deltatt i flere nasjonale kunstutstillinger i Kina, og er i tillegg medlem av den kinesiske kunstforening. Hun flyttet til Norge i 1992,  og har siden deltatt i en rekke kollektivutstillinger på Rådhusgalleriet i Oslo, Thereses Kunstsalong i Oslo, Galleri Ramfjord i Oslo, Galleri Erry Marie Kulø i Oslo, Galleri H11 i Høvik, Romeriksutstillingen, Bærum kunstforening, Ski kunstforening, og Kanalgalleriet Notodden.

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Frédéric Iriarte, S

Frédéric Iriarte, S

  • Born 1963
  • Country of origin: France
  • Resides: Järna, Sweden
  • Medium of work: Painting, Sculpture
  • Live and work in Järna, south of Stockholm in Sweden since 1986.
  • During the early 80s he was member of the artistical group from south of France called "The Free Figuration". Came to Sweden, all the way hitchhiking, in january 1986, since then he has lived and worked in Sweden.
  • Have done over 40 one man shows in Sweden, France, Norway, Danmark, Finland, Spain and Cuba.
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Harvey Cropper, S (featured in documentary)

Harvey Cropper, S (featured in documentary)

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Profession: Full-time artist
  • Medium of work: Painting

Harvey Cropper föddes i New York 1931 av västindiska föräldrar som invandrade från St Vincent på 20-talet. Pappan var apotekare och mamman broderade. De bosatte sig i Harlem, där Harvey växte upp på fyrtiotalet med grannar som Joe Louis och Duke Ellington.

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