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You are here: Home Artists Oslo, February 2010 Hong Fei

Hong Fei, N

Melody, sculpture by Hong Fei Spring, sculpture by Hong Fei
  • Født i Beijing i 1962.
  • Utdannet ved Kunsthåndverkhøyskolen og Det sentrale kunsthåndverkakademi i Beijing.
  • Underviste i billedhoggerkunst ved Kunsthåndverkskolen i Beijing.

Har deltatt i flere nasjonale kunstutstillinger i Kina, og er i tillegg medlem av den kinesiske kunstforening. Hun flyttet til Norge i 1992,  og har siden deltatt i en rekke kollektivutstillinger på Rådhusgalleriet i Oslo, Thereses Kunstsalong i Oslo, Galleri Ramfjord i Oslo, Galleri Erry Marie Kulø i Oslo, Galleri H11 i Høvik, Romeriksutstillingen, Bærum kunstforening, Ski kunstforening, og Kanalgalleriet Notodden.

Hong FeiSkulpturene hennes har i tillegg blitt kjøpt av Lørenskog Kommune og Rikshospitalet.

I'd like my art to be a show case of human personalities and natural beauty. Behind the use of bronze as the main material of my sculptures is a double symbolism. Bronze is first of all a very tough material, which for me represents  immortality, and the never ending life spirit of the human race. Bronze is also a metal alloy, it is a mix of few basic components, which I'd say represent the variety and characteristics of the different human races.

Most importantly, I hope my sculptures open up for personal interpretations, because I think this is what art is all about. Each art piece's uniqueness is limited only by one's own imagination, and what each person choose to put into their personal interpretation.

I've worked with human sculptures as long as I've been an artist, and I must admit, the beauty of the human spirit never stop to amaze me.

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