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Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK

Nitzozot, by Nurith Lumer-Klabbers Sulamot, by Nurith Lumer-Klabbers Nurith Lumer-Klabbers in the atlier
  • Nurith Lumer-KlabbersBorn 1955
  • Country of origin: Israel
  • Resides: Bryrup, Denmark 
  • Medium of work: Painting, Graphic art
  • Bezalel Art Academy, Jerusalem, Israel 1981.
  • Since 1981 I have worked with painting and graphic art in various countries

Nurith Lumer-Klabbers was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1955. She lives and works in Denmark since 1983.

Nurith is educated from “Bezalel” Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel in 1981. Since than she was taking different courses in School for Graphic Arts,  Aarhus, Denmark, and Classical Drawing, Viborg School for Animation, Denmark


In my work I strive for the precise and clear expression – the pure line.

Her work has covered theatre production and exhibition at the Women’s Museum in 1991 to various decorative projects.

Since 1996 she was mostly working with drawings and Pencil pictures as I call them. At first with a series of drawings, big (122x244 cm.) and small) which describes the Danish burial mounds: a living connection between past and present, history and art, physical form and spiritual content. Which was exhibited at the Art Centre Silkeborg Bad in an Individual exhibition, in 2000.

The next series of drawings describes Jerusalem. She received a work scholarship from Knud Højgaard Foundation and the Danish-Israeli Study fund, with following exhibitions and lectures in Denmark and Germany.

The shift from the Danish burial mounds to Jerusalem is not accidental.(coincidental). The fact that she was born and raised in Jerusalem, has given her particular sensitivity to cultural history and the human manifestation. That’s why she “falls” over the Danish burial mounds.

In Jerusalem she grew up in close relation to concepts such as history, archaeology, religion, humanity, war and peace.

Jerusalem is a city with a long history and wide perspectives that can bring one to immerse in the existential, both in the elementary in everyday life and the philosophical, religious and spiritual issues.

So her work expressed the tensions between war and compassion, beauty and the bestial, religion and transformations, and relations between people.Yes, the subject “Borders” fascinates her. On October, November 2006 she was exhibiting in Mikkelberg Art Centre in Germany. ”Borders” – National and personal,  borders between the individual and the universe, between the sky and the earth.

The exhibition was accompanied with a catalogue ”Borders in line and thought, ” co-authored with Ingrid Mejer Jensen, and with economical support from the Danish Bordet Society.The last few years until today, her art work is deeply connected to her studies of spirituality. The idea of, that what we see in the physical world is only 1% of the big picture is fascinating her. The other 99% feels like a big ocean of energy, wisdom and inspiration. In her art she visualize what she sees and experience. Create a window.

With links to mine/our past, religion, spirituality, hopes, relationships, culture, modern daily life and the borders between the black end the white, the line and the surfers, I create my pictures.
and the link to her web site of the Artists’ Organization

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