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Marcus Bleasdale, N
Country of origin: UK Resides: Norway Med...
Sasha Huber, SF
Born 1975 Country of origin: Switzerla...
Lisa Pacini, N
Country of origin: USA Resides: Norway ...
Chikako Harada, SF
Country of origin: Japan Resides: Finland ...
Khaled Ramadan, DK
Country of origin: Lebanon Resides: Denmark ...
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New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm



August 4, 2010

Five prominent immigrant artists living in the Nordic region will have their artwork presented at the second New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010 at BERNS SALONGER IN STOCKHOLM SWEDEN.

The exhibition will run from August 12 – 26, 2010 with a vernissage on August 12th at BERNS SALONGER from 16:00-18:00.

Designed and implemented by the Leadership Foundation in collaboration with International Corporate Art, the exhibition features the work of expatriate artists residing in the Nordic countries. It highlights, through their installations, photographs and video, a new and emerging Nordic identity.

Over 70 artists applied to participate in the New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010. The first exhibition was held at Voksenåsen galleri in Oslo in February 2010. An independent jury of art experts selected the artists now featured.

The exhibition strives to contribute to both an understanding of immigrant art and to stimulate dialog and reflection by the general public on the different cultural perspectives influencing the artistic world.

The Featured Artists


Marcus Bleasdale was born in the UK to Irish parents and has established himself as one of the world’s leading documentary photographers. He increasingly uses his work to influence decision makers and policy makers around the world. His work on Human Rights and Conflict has been shown at the US Senate, The United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France.

Marcus’ work also appears in the New Yorker, the New York Times, Harpers, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, Stern, Le Monde, TIME Magazine, Newsweek and National Geographic.


Lisa Pacini was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, USA in 1956. Lisa is educated from the Rhode Island school of Design, Yale University, the Museum school of Fine Arts and received a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from S.U.N.Y. in Purchase N.Y.  Lisa Pacini's works focuses on reflections and installations using plexiglass and mirrors. Lisa chooses to work with mirrors a she feels it has a magical quality, as it reflects whatever is located in the space before it, including the momentary changes of light and weather.


Sasha Huber was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1975 and currently resides and works in Helsinki, Finland. Born of a Haitian mother and a Swiss father, Huber uses these cultural roots to influence and develop both her artistic and personal identity. By firing thousands of staples onto wooden surfaces she has ‘executed’ portraits of former unjust Haitian dictators like Papa Doc and Baby Doc.


Chikako Harada was born 1969 in Kyoto, Japan and is currently living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Educated from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki UIAH, Department of  Photography with a Master of Arts and from the Kyoto Junior College of Arts, Department of Visual Arts.  Chikako’s photographs are from a series that depicts the circle of life and the borders between life and death.


Khaled Ramadan was born in Beirut in 1965, and is an interdisciplinary media artist and documentarist whose work is greatly influenced by social history, scientific research and critical theory. He moved to Denmark in 1885 and has since become an influential figure in both Nordic and international art circles.

The Jury for the New Nordic Art Exhibition 2010

Helene Haaland Mustad (Norway):  An art consultant with more than two decades of experience and education in art history.  She currently works with International Corporate Art, a consultancy with special expertise in public art for large projects, in particular over 100 cruise ships.

Timothy Persons (Finland):  Director of the Professional Studies Program and a Senior lecturer at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Niels Righolt (Denmark): Chairman of the Board at CKI – The Danish Centre for Arts and Interculture and the Managing Director and Co-founder of the magazine and communications agency Cultures.

Donatella DePaoli (Norway):  Associate Professor of Cultural Management at the Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Oslo.

Raija Wallenius (Sweden): An artist and illustrator, with more than 30 years experience as a teacher, headmaster, bureaucrat and head of various organizations in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

In connection with the exhibition and vernissage, a website featuring New Nordic Art can be found It acts as a digital platform for presenting the participating artists’ work.

New Nordic Art, Stockholm, is in cooperation with the following: American Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, British Council, Danish Embassy, Finnish Embassy, EUNIC, and Berns Asiatiska.

For further information and press images, please contact:
Lisa Cooper, Managing Director, Leadership Foundation, +47 90133927

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