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1. New Nordic Art
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... art from multicultural artists that live in the Nordic region. The artists selected reside in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Their country of origin includes Costa Rica, China, Israel, France, ...
... artists. The need to further stimulate dialog and debate on the contribution and artistic expression of selected top immigrant artist is yet unmet and is the focus of the artist dialog at SO Stockholm, ...
3. Save the date!
... exhibiton that will recognize immigrant artists that reside in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Featuring the work of those who have moved to the Nordics from other countries, the exhibition will, ...
4. Sasha Huber, SF
(The Artists/The Artists in Stockholm 2010)
... Zurich, Switzerland in 1975 and currently resides and works in Helsinki, Finland. Born of a Haitian mother and a Swiss father, Huber uses these cultural roots to influence and develop both her artistic ...
5. Khaled Ramadan, DK
(The Artists/The Artists in Stockholm 2010)
Country of origin: Lebanon Resides: Denmark Medium of work: Video Khaled Ramadan was born in Beirut in 1965, and is an interdisciplinary media artist and documentarist whose ...
6. New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/Press)
PRESS RELEASE August 4, 2010 Five prominent immigrant artists living in the Nordic region will have their artwork presented at the second New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010 at BERNS SALONGER IN STOCKHOLM ...
7. Sasha Huber, SF
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... of building a personal and artistic identity. Being of Haitian and European heritage she allies herself with the Caribbean Diaspora. She has been unable to visit her mother’s homeland, Haiti, because of ...
8. Nurith Lumer-Klabbers, DK
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... black end the white, the line and the surfers, I create my pictures. and the link to her web site of the Artists’ Organization Typically there is no need to visit pharmacy every season ...
9. Hong Fei, N
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... with human sculptures as long as I've been an artist, and I must admit, the beauty of the human spirit never stop to amaze me.  ...
10. Frédéric Iriarte, S
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... the early 80s he was member of the artistical group from south of France called "The Free Figuration". Came to Sweden, all the way hitchhiking, in january 1986, since then he has lived and worked in ...
11. Criteria for selection
(New Nordic Art/General)
Work as a fulltime artist Born outside of the Nordic area and moved to the Nordic areas after age 16 Reside in Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark Have reputable, proven capability Must be able ...
12. New Nordic Art Exhibit in Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
Five prominent immigrant artists living in the Nordic region will have their artwork presented at the second New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010 at BERNS SALONGER IN STOCKHOLM SWEDEN (see ...
13. The Artists
(The Artists/General)
Skrive en kort presentasjon av kunstnerne, - en slags introartikkel.
14. Harvey Cropper, S (featured in documentary)
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
Country of origin: USA Profession: Full-time artist Medium of work: Painting Harvey Cropper föddes i New York 1931 av västindiska föräldrar som invandrade från St Vincent på 20-talet. Pappan ...
15. The Jury
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... includes involvement with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Arts Grant, which has been awarding stipends to young Norwegian artists since 2003. Timothy Persons (Finland): Persons is Director of the Professional ...
18. The Artists
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