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1. New Nordic Art
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... countries. Through their paintings, photographs and sculptures, it will present a new and emerging Nordic identity. Goal To be an actor in the multicultural debate, through creating an art grant program ...
2. Save the date!
... through their paintings, photographs and sculptures, present a new and emerging Nordic identity. The exhibition will run from August 12th – August 26th at BERNS salonger in Stockholm.  ...
3. Sasha Huber, SF
(The Artists/The Artists in Stockholm 2010)
... and personal identity. By firing thousands of staples onto wooden surfaces she has ‘executed’ portraits of former unjust Haitian dictators like Papa Doc and Baby Doc.   ...
4. New Nordic Art Exhibition, Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/Press)
... Nordic identity. Over 70 artists applied to participate in the New Nordic Art Exhibition in 2010. The first exhibition was held at Voksenåsen galleri in Oslo in February 2010. An independent jury of ...
5. Daniela Ramos Arias, N
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... 2007 I moved to Bergen, Norway. That same year, I started studying Art at KHiB (Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen). For a while now I have been exploring different aspects of communication, distance, and identity. ...
6. Sasha Huber, SF
(The Artists/The Artists at Voksenåsen 2010)
... of building a personal and artistic identity. Being of Haitian and European heritage she allies herself with the Caribbean Diaspora. She has been unable to visit her mother’s homeland, Haiti, because of ...
7. New Nordic Art Exhibit in Stockholm
(New Nordic Art/The Project)
... a new and emerging Nordic identity. Over 70 artists applied to participate in the first New Nordic Art Exhibition. An independent jury of art experts selected the artists to be profiled. The exhibition ...
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